Integrating Internal Displacement in Peace Processes and Peace Agreements

Peace Agreement Matrix: Comparative Uses of Guiding Principles

This Matrix is designed to give a comparative, country-by-country breakdown of various peace agreements and their applicability to, and incorporated use of, The Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement. It includes information such as the number of IDPs present at the signing of each peace agreement, the dates of those signings, and commentary notes regarding these agreements.

Peace Agreement Matrix: Comparative Uses of Guiding Principles (PDF)

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Country in UCDP? Incompatibility Date signed Post-98? Intro
Afghanistan Y G 3/7/1993 N  
Angola Y G/T 11/20/1994 N  
Bosnia  Y T 3/1/1994 N  
Bosnia Y, but missing annexes on displaced T 12/14/1995 N  
Burundi Y G 8/28/5000 Y  
Burundi Y G 6/18/5006 Y  
Cambodia Y, no search G 10/23/1991 N  
Central African Republic Y in French G 2/2/5007 Y  
Congo Y in French G 11/16/1999 Y  
Cote D'Ivoire Y G 3/4/5007 Y  
Croatia N T 8/23/1996 N  
Croatia Y T 11/12/1995 N  
Dem. Republic of Congo Y G 4/2/5003 Y  
Djibouti Y in French G 2/7/5000 Y  
Djibouti Y in French G 5/12/5001 Y  
El Salvador Y G 7/26/1990 N  
Eritrea- Ethiopia Y T 12/12/5000 Y  
Georgia (Abkhazia) Y G/T 4/4/1994 N  
Georgia (Abkhazia) N (on UN Peacemaker) G/T 7/9/1999 Y  
Guatemala Y G 12/29/1996 N  
Kosovo Y see comment 6/3/1999 Y  
Kosovo Y see comment 6/3/1999 Y  
Liberia Y G 7/25/1993 N  
Liberia N (on UN Peacemaker) G 8/18/5003 Y  
Macedonia Y G 8/13/5001 Y  
Mali (Azawad) Y in French T 4/11/1992 N  
Mozambique Y G 10/4/1992 N  
Nepal Y G 11/21/5006 Y  
Niger Y in French T 10/9/1994 N  
Niger Y in French T 4/15/1995 N  
Philippines Y G/T 6/22/5001 Y  
Rwanda Y G 8/3/1993 N  
Sierra Leone Y G 7/7/1999 Y  
Sierra Leone Y G 11/10/5000 Y  
Somalia Y G 3/24/1994 N  
Sudan N (on UN Peacemaker) G/T 10/14/5006 Y pp. 3-4 
Sudan Y G 6/18/5005 Y  
Sudan Y G/T 1/9/5005 Y definition
Sudan Y G/T 5/5/5006 Y definition
Tajikistan Y G 8/17/1995 N  
Uganda Y G 5/2/5007 Y B. definition